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Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 3


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Sunsilk Gang Of Girls

Unilever’s brand Sunsilk, which is arguably the largest and the most trusted hair care brand in Nepal, initiated an exclusive digital led campaign “Sunsilk Dashain Vibes” in 2021 to celebrate & showcase beautiful hair in all its forms & styles. Sunsilk Dashain Vibes has extended to building a community through its initiatives like Sunsilk Gang of Girls, which has emerged as a remarkable phenomenon since its inception. The campaign’s resounding success in its inaugural year paved the way for an even more spectacular second season in 2022.

With companies both globally and locally driving campaigns in Digital platform led by Influencer marketing, Sunsilk in Nepal with Sunsilk Dashain Vibes is undoubtedly at the forefront and has been raising the bar year on year paving the way for other local brands.

This year the campaign was carried under the theme "Let's Celebrate Hair, Let's Sunsilk," signifying a celebration that embraced and appreciated every type of hair and hairstyle. We aimed to make Dashain a Mega Celebration of hairstyles; Hence, we invited everyone to try different hairstyles, from classic to modern. The contest was a platform where every hairstyle was not just noticed but celebrated as a unique way to express oneself.

Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 3 campaign has surpassed all expectations, boasting an unprecedented 4,485 participants, making it the largest edition to date. The contest has generated a staggering 174 million-plus views across all platforms, illustrating the remarkable engagement and resonance the Sunsilk brand holds among its consumers.

Sunsilk has been a pioneer in setting trends and fostering a sense of community among its users. Continuing this legacy, Sunsilk Dashain Vibes has rapidly evolved into a celebration of hairstyles and the spirit of Dashain encapsulating local lifestyle and culture.

After weeks of anticipation, Sunsilk proudly unveiled the three exceptional winners of Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 3 Contest Ms. Sajina Khanal, Ms. Susmita Banjara & Ms. Vijaya Pradhan on December 27, 2023. They have each won Rs. 100,000, an exciting opportunity to be featured in Sunsilk Pack next year and to become a part of Sunsilk Gang of Girls.

According to the Marketing Head of Unilever Nepal, Mr. Saurav Karanjeet, “Sunsilk is arguably the largest beauty brand of Nepal, widely distributed and preferred by millions of consumers. We believe that Beauty is uncomplicated and captured through many means. Sunsilk believes girls thrive when they explore possibilities, Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 3 provided the opportunity for them to come forward and showcase their hair to express their way of celebration. We want our brands along with our consumers to be associated with local festivals and culture, Sunsilk Dashain Vibes and Sunsilk Gang of Girls activation are among such efforts”.

We are proud to introduce the new Sunsilk Gang of Girls who are the winners of Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 3. They are now set to join the Sunsilk Gang of Girls, standing alongside our brand ambassador, Princy and Prisma. The Sunsilk Gang of Girls is a community that celebrates beauty, confidence, and sisterhood among many young girls across the country.

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